Test results can define young careers

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Rise of the EQ Test

Human Resource Executive Online Fred Foulkes, School of Management, Human Resources Policy Institute Emotional intelligence assessments — tests that measure our ability to use emotions as information, and reason about those feelings — are becoming an increasingly common part of the hiring process… Expert quote: “If a company brings in someone at the senior level […]

Audit shows 55% of workforce at retirement age

Boston Herald Peter Doeringer, College of Arts & Sciences Fred Foulkes, School of Management The state’s embattled welfare department — already under fire over massive EBT card fraud and abuse — is bracing for a possible mass exodus of retiring staffers, with some workers already handling caseloads as high as 1,500, a Herald review of […]

Microsoft Scraps Curved Rating System for Worker Reviews

Bloomberg Fred Foulkes, School of Management Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is eliminating its long-standing practice of evaluating employees on a bell curve, seeking to foster more teamwork and collaboration as the company restructures to focus on devices and services… Expert quote: “GE and Jack Welch were leaders in this and Ford tried it, but it’s never really […]

Economy inspiring more employees to stray

Boston Business Journal (subscription required) Fred Foulkes, School of Management, Human Resources Policy Institute The improving economy paired with long-percolating pent up demand among workers to find their next big job opportunities has loosened the floodgates at local companies, creating a churn of workers no longer afraid to leave their current posts… View article