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Election was awash in cash, but effect is unclear

Boston Globe (subscription required) Fred Bayles, College of Communication This fall’s state election set at least two Massachusetts political spending records: the most outside money dropped on a governor’s race — $16.9 million on the general election alone — and the most cash poured into ballot campaigns, at $28 million… Expert quote: “Visceral is too […]

Casino backers spending heavily on TV ads

Boston Globe (subscription required) Fred Bayles, College of Communication Pro-casino television ads by an industry -backed political group have run nearly 3,000 times on local broadcast stations, while underfunded gambling opponents have so far been unable to run even one television ad defending casino repeal, Question 3… Expert quote: “For many people, if it isn’t […]

With minimum wage increase accomplished, Massachusetts labor activists turn to campaign for earned sick time

Springfield Republican Fred Bayles, College of Communication For more than a year, liberal and labor activists in Massachusetts advocated simultaneously for two initiatives: a higher minimum wage and mandatory earned sick time… Expert quote: “Minimum wage is a concept that is easily grasped; earned sick time is a little bit more in the weeds. If […]