Awaiting Prince’s autopsy results: Experts say flu, opioid use can be deadly combination Marc LaRochelle, School of Medicine Most speculation on the death of Prince, who passed away Thursday at age 57, has centered on his struggle with the flu, but new reports suggest the late pop icon may also have suffered from an opioid overdose… Expert quote: “But the other thing [opioids] can do is cause […]

November preview? Turnout surging in Republican primaries – and sinking for Democrats Tom Whalen, College of General Studies No matter the internal strife over Donald Trump’s presidential bid, the intensely competitive Republican primary contest is bringing a booming number of voters to the polls – while Democratic turnout plunges, raising questions about whether these trends will last through November… Expert quote: “Boring old Hillary versus Bernie […]

Secret talks to free hero Pakistani doctor break down despite CIA priority Adil Najam, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies High-level talks to free the Pakistani doctor imprisoned there ever since his role in a ruse to uncover Usama bin Laden’s hideout have broken down, a key military and intelligence source told, saying Shakil Afridi remains too unpopular in his homeland […]

Biden buzz grows amid new polling, ‘draft’ movement picks up key adviser Tom Whalen, College of General Studies The Biden 2016 buzz keeps building — and the vice president is doing little to tamp down the speculation — as the leading group trying to coax the veep into the presidential race touts new poll numbers they say put him in prime position to run… Expert quote: […]

Archaeology’s victims of war Robert Murowchick, College of Arts & Sciences, International Center for East Asian Archaeology & Cultural History The Middle East is largely considered to be the epicenter of the “cradle of civilization,” and has historic sites that date back thousands of years… Expert quote: “Unfortunately, there is no shortage of depressing case studies for the […]

If Not Hillary, Who? O’Malley in spotlight as Clinton fights media barrage Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Hillary Clinton’s political problems over foreign contributions to her family’s foundation and other issues appear to be fueling an appetite on the left for an insurgent primary challenge… Expert quote: “He’s the litmus test of Hillary’s liberal politics – or alleged liberal politics – because he is going […]

$200M ransom demand a sign of ISIS’ financial desperation, say experts Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences The Islamic State’s staggering $200 million demand for two Japanese hostages may reveal the terrorist group’s desperation to maintain control of its sprawling caliphate, especially amid falling black market oil revenues from seized wells and pipelines, terrorism experts said… Expert quote: “Japan officially does not admit it […]

The next ‘top cop’? Race to replace Holder begins Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation announcement has set off a flurry of speculation over who might replace him – and, perhaps more importantly, who could survive the bruising confirmation process on Capitol Hill… Expert quote: “Attorney generals tend to be consigliere, people who defend the president’s interests first. […]