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A How-To Guide To Buying Artifacts Looted by the Islamic State

Foreign Policy (subscription required) Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciencest Let’s say you’re a rich Manhattan hedge fund manager in the market for an artifact from Palmyra, the archeological wonder in Syria currently being pillaged by the Islamic State… Expert quote: “There’s a scholarly community that’s complicit with the dealers and the buyers who […]

China Liked TPP — Until U.S. Officials Opened Their Mouths

Foreign Policy By Min Ye, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies After a brief but frightening setback for proponents, U.S. congressional leaders looked set on May 13 to pass legislation for an eventual up-or-down (“fast-track”) vote on what would be one of the world’s largest trade accords, the U.S-led Trans-Pacific Partnership […]

The Blood Cries Out

Foreign Policy Timothy Longman, College of Arts & Sciences, African Studies Center In one of Africa’s most densely populated countries, brothers are killing brothers over the right to farm mere acres of earth. There’s just not enough land to go around in Burundi — and it could push the country into civil war… Expert quote: […]

Pakistan #Fail

Foreign Policy (subscription required) By Husain Haqqani, College of Arts & Sciences After paralyzing Islamabad for days, the crowds at boisterous protests demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are starting to thin out. But even if Pakistan’s current political standoff comes to an end, the country’s deeper political crisis won’t… View full article […]

Exclusive: Top Lawmaker Proposes Cuts to Rwanda Aid

Foreign Policy “The Cable Blog” Timothy Longman, College of Arts & Sciences, African Studies Center After a string of assassination attempts on Rwandan dissidents, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is proposing cuts to American aid to the central African country as part of a broader overhaul of Washington’s relationship with Kigali… Expert […]

Will Syrian Civil War Mark End to American Militarism?

Breaking Defense Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences When President Barack Obama spoke from the White House last September to rally a war-weary nation behind limited strikes against Syria, the vast power he wielded as commander-in-chief seemed more curse than blessing… Expert quote: “The lesson that many Americans drew from those nearly simultaneous events was […]