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Why North Korea Is An Untapped Goldmine For Tech Companies, And For China

Forbes quoting Julie Michelle Klinger, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “It was revealed recently that North Korea is sitting on approximately $6 trillion worth of natural resources, which the country lacks the technology or expertise to extract…” Expert quote: “The magnetic and conductive properties of these elements […]

Attorneys’ ‘Falsehoods’ Cause Dismissal Of Namenda Lawsuit; Appeal Follows

Forbes quoting Nancy Moore, School of Law “Attorneys are appealing a decision by a Massachusetts federal judge to dismiss a False Claims Act lawsuit because of deceptive practices by them…” Expert quote: “I have no knowledge whether any disciplinary actions are being undertaken against the attorneys, but I strongly believe they should be.” View full […]

Platform Revolution And Digital Transformation: Don’t Become The Next Unicorn

Forbes Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom School of Business It seems that every Silicon Valley conversation, every software pitch deck, every article on digital transformation must mention these unicorns… Expert quote: ““Platforms are overtaking energy and banking on the Fortune 500,” Van Alstyne said.” View full article

World’s Largest Hotel With 10,000 Rooms And 70 Restaurants Could Cost $3.5bn, But When Will It Open?

Forbes Tarik Dogru, School of Hospitality Administration Abraj Kudai—the $3.5-billion project expected to become the world’s biggest hotel (by room count) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia—may have trouble completing as scheduled by 2017… Expert quote: “The decision about when and how to complete the Abraj Kudai would depend on the government, and it will probably be […]

Are E-Cigarettes’ Popularity Causing More Teens to Smoke?

Forbes Michael Siegel, School of Public Health As cigarette use continues its historical drop among teens and e-cigarette use has begun climbing, one question looms large for public health officials: will the popularity of e-cigarettes undo all the progress made in reducing teen smoking rates?… Expert quote: “Right now, the current evidence suggests the opposite: […]

Social Media Is The New Battle Ground For College Binge Drinking

Forbes Michael Siegel, School of Public Health What will hold a college student’s attention longer: A tweet from a university about healthy alcohol consumption or an advertisement on a Facebook page from a beer company?… Expert quote: “I think for any organization trying to curtail alcohol use or binge drinking, it’s almost imperative to have […]