Hopes rise for release of US contractor Alan Gross in Cuba jail

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Hopes rise for release of US contractor Alan Gross in Cuba jail

Financial Times Paul Webster Hare, College of Arts & Sciences Alan Gross completes his fifth year in a Cuban jail on Wednesday for alleged spying, and the 65-year old US contractor insists it will be his last behind bars. The signals sent in the US and Havana in recent months suggest he may be right… […]

The creative approach strikes a chord with students

Financial Times (subscription required) Jack McCarthy, School of Management It started out like any ordinary business school lecture… Expert quote: “In jazz, there are chords and notes but the performance requires improvisation: the musicians play off each other and play off the audience. That’s a metaphor for the work we do today in organisations. Yes, there […]

A dangerous mistake lies at Bitcoin’s intellectual core

Financial Times (subscription required) By Mark Williams, School of Management This weekend Russia became the latest country to crack down on Bitcoin. China has already banned its citizens from buying the “cryptocurrency”, which functions like cash in that it can be transferred anonymously from one person to another without the involvement of a central clearing house. […]

Letters: Regulate capital outflow from emerging markets

Financial Times (subscription required) By Kevin Gallagher, College of Arts & Sciences Sir, You report that emerging markets are coming under increased pressure to raise interest rates as capital flees in a “taper tantrum” (“Brazil warns on ‘vacuum cleaner’ of rising rates”, January 28)… View full article by expert Kevin Gallagher

UK vote on Syria leaves Obama all but alone on military action

Financial Times (subscription required) Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences There was a time in Washington 10 years ago when US leaders loved to turn the television on to watch the British parliament, as Tony Blair made the case for the Iraq war with an eloquence that always eluded George W. Bush… Expert quote: […]