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Schiaparelli begins descent: How did the ESA choose this Mars landing site?

Christian Science Monitor Farouk El-Baz & Bradley Thomson, College of Arts & Sciences On Sunday, The Schiaparelli began its daring descent to the Red Planet… Expert quote: “Among the highest-priority sites are those with subaqueous sediments or hydrothermal deposits. The ExoMars rover will have the capability to drill up to 2 meters into the subsurface and will […]

The 400,000 Man March? A Brief History of Crowd Counting

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Farouk El-Baz, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Remote Sensing Turnstiles and ticket stubs are surefire ways to track the number of fans who attend sporting events, concerts and plays. But when masses gather for a gateless event—as they did last weekend to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the […]

How big will the crowd be in Philadelphia?

Boston Globe (subscription required) Farouk El-Baz, Center for Remote Sensing, College of Arts & Sciences How big is the crowd in Philadelphia? Heaven only knows… Expert quote: “The people who take care of security and so on — they overestimate because they want to say ‘look at how many people we had to take care […]

Professor Voices — Crowd estimation as cultural measurement of Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ trip to Cuba and the United States is just around the corner. Extraordinarily large crowds are expected at all his major events in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. Does the exact number of attendees matter? Can we learn anything from studying the crowds Pope Francis draws? Dr. Farouk El-Baz, an expert […]

Experts Media Alert – White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism

The White House will hold a “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” on February 18. According to a statement from the White House press secretary, the summit will “highlight domestic and international efforts to prevent violent extremists and their supporters from radicalizing, recruiting, or inspiring individuals or groups in the United States and abroad to commit […]