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What’s behind the Republican Party’s renewed crusade against pornography?

Vox Emily Rothman, School of Public Health The Republican Party’s 2016 platform is silent on gun violence. It dismisses climate change. And it has nothing to say about obesity… Expert quote: “It’s becoming an increasingly hot debate as to whether porn creates public health harms. Some scholars are now working with social conservatives to advance […]

No, Porn Is Not a Public Health Crisis

Boston Magazine “Hub Health Daily” Emily Rothman, School of Public Health On Monday, an amendment to the developing Republican Party platform declared pornography “a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions” and threatening the “safety and well-being” of children… Expert quote: “I think we should be pretty careful about what we call […]

Siri, I was raped’: Study compares smartphone responses in crises Emily Rothman, School of Public Health Siri and other smartphone personal assistants can look up driving directions, find the hottest ramen spots and send text messages if you just ask… Expert quote: “As technology becomes more sophisticated and people start to use their phones interactively for an increasing number of daily tasks, it would […]

NFL’s Deflategate, Domestic Violence Responses Reveal Questionable Priorities, Victim Advocates Say

International Business Times Emily Rothman, School of Public Health The NFL’s severe discipline of the New England Patriots for their role in the Deflategate scandal suggested it’s worse to tamper with equipment than to physically assault a loved one… Expert quote: “That the NFL would issue more severe penalties for deflating a football than a […]

Cyber dating abuse ‘common,’ Children’s scientists find

Tribune-Review Emily Rothman, School of Public Health Officer David Artman routinely talks to kids in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District about being safe. Fifth-graders learn about cyberbullying. Eighth graders learn about domestic violence. But so far, he said, there isn’t a lesson for how the two come together — when teens use social media, texting and other […]