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How Pepsi Got It So Wrong: Unpacking One of the Most Reviled Ads in Recent Memory

AdWeek Edward Boches, College of Communication  “Since the moment Pepsi released its new two-and-a-half minute spot—featuring Kendall Jenner, protesters and a message of unity via soda—response to the ad has been anything but positive…” Expert quote: “Ridiculous ad,” said Edward Boches, professor of advertising at Boston University and a former partner, CCO at Mullen Lowe. “Shows no awareness of […]

Hill Holliday, John Hancock part ways after decades together

Boston Globe Edward Boches, College of Communication It’s a business relationship that outlasted corporate ownership changes, office relocations, and chief executive departures… Expert quote: ““My guess is that Hill Holliday sees the writing on the wall, that there’s no way they can win this even if they did their best work,” Boches said.” View full […]