T-Mobile’s Legere Sputters Over FTC’s Cramming Accusations

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T-Mobile’s Legere Sputters Over FTC’s Cramming Accusations

E-Commerce Times T. Barton Carter, College of Communication T-Mobile’s efforts to market itself as the un-carrier that puts customers first may be impacted by the United States Federal Trade Commission’s allegations that it has engaged in “cramming” — charging consumers for services offered by third-party companies without the consumers’ knowledge or authorization… Expert quote: “Turning over a […]

Emotional Backlash Unlikely to Unsettle Facebook

E-Commerce Times John Carroll, College of Communication It’s unlikely that Facebook’s psych experiment that turned some 700,000 of its users into involuntary lab rats will hurt its brand or advertising revenue. However, Facebook’s research on the emotional impact of content in the News Feeds of its members has unleashed a torrent of criticism… Expert quote: “This […]

California Embraces Bitcoin

E-Commerce Times Mark Williams, School of Management California Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a measure that legalizes the use of bitcoins and other virtual currencies in the state. The law repealed previous legislation that specified only “lawful money of the United States” could be used in California… Expert quote: “Only sovereign nations, not individual […]

Salesforce Tries On Wearable Tech for Size

E-Commerce Times N. Venkat Venkatraman, School of Management Salesforce.com is moving aggressively to carve out its own place in a hot emerging technology niche: wearable computing. With its new initiative, Salesforce Wear, it appears to be following its usual MO of co-opting technology in the consumer world and repositioning it for the enterprise… Expert quote: […]

Apple Sinks Its Teeth Into Bitcoin

E-Commerce Times Mark Williams, School of Management Apple this week updated its App Store Review Guidelines with a change that signals a loosening of its restrictive policies against bitcoin and other digital currencies… Expert quote: “The move by Apple does not validate bitcoin but simply recognizes that there are over 200 other virtual currencies that are vying […]

The Devil Made Ex-Microsoft Exec Do Insider Trading

E-Commerce Times Tamar Frankel, School of Law The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington and the Securities and Exchange Commission have lodged criminal and civil enforcement actions against a former senior portfolio manager at Microsoft and his friend, alleging insider trading… Expert quote: “Habits, whether private or public, are not created in […]