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A New Poll Shows the Public Is Overwhelmingly Opposed to Endless US Military Interventions

E&E News Douglas Kriner Last week, the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy—a bipartisan advocacy group calling for congressional oversight of America’s lengthy list of military interventions abroad—released the results of a survey that show broad public support for Congress to reclaim its constitutional prerogatives in the exercise of foreign policy (see Article 1, […]

Veterans, Feeling Abandoned, Stand by Donald Trump

New York Times Douglas Kriner, College of Arts & Sciences The roster of retired military officers endorsing Hillary Clinton in September glittered with decoration and rank… Expert quote: Nonfatal casualties seem to “not have the political punch that fatal casualties do,” Mr. Kriner said. View full article

Clinton campaign: Benghazi probe is Congress’ longest investigation ever

Politifact Douglas Kriner, College of Arts & Sciences Critics of the House of Representatives’ Benghazi investigation have recently begun to make a strong claim — that it is officially the longest congressional investigation in history… Expert quote: “On most metrics, reasonable people can agree that other investigations have been longer than (Benghazi).” View full article

The Millions of Marginalized Americans

New York Times (subscription required) Douglas Kriner, College of Arts & Sciences Not long ago I had separate chats with two political insiders who offered to fill me in on Jeb Bush’s strategy, if he prevails in the primaries, for winning the general election… Expert quote: “The weird incentives created by the Electoral College don’t […]