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Is encouraging someone to kill themselves a crime? Massachusetts’ highest court will decide in texting case David Rossman, School of Law After the state’s highest court hears the stomach-churning details of how Michelle Carter told her boyfriend to kill himself in the last days of his life, they’ll be faced with a decision that goes beyond whether the legal case against the teenage girl should go forward… Expert quote: “That could be construed […]

Hundreds of OUI cases on hold as defendants challenge breath tests

MetroWest Daily News David Rossman, School of Law Hundreds of drunk driving cases in Massachusetts are temporarily on hold as a judge prepares to rule on whether evidence produced by alcohol breath-testing devices used across the state is scientifically sound… Expert quote: “The judge is going to determine whether the possibility of an error is […]

What the suicide-by-text case has in common with a 19th-century trial David Rossman, School of Law The case against Michelle Carter, a doe-eyed Massachusetts teen accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself via text messages, is both disturbing and unusual… Expert quote: “If you can be convicted of murder by persuading or convincing someone else to kill themselves, you can certainly be convicted of […]

Boston bombing trial: Should juror have known about victim’s family’s wishes?

Christian Science Monitor David Rossman, School of Law A juror in the trial of the Boston Marathon bomber has said in a new interview that he may not have supported the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev if he had known that some victims’ families supported a life sentence instead… View full article quoting expert David […]