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In Texting Suicide Case, Judge Says Michelle Carter Had A ‘Self-Created Duty’ To Try To Stop Her Friend From Killing Himself

WBUR interviewing David Rossman, School of Law “A judge in Taunton Friday convicted 20-year-old Michelle Carter of involuntary manslaughter in the suicide of her friend Conrad Roy…” Expert quote: “The jury found that the prisoner who hung himself would not have done so at that time had it not been for the messages that were sent by the […]

Is encouraging someone to kill themselves a crime? Massachusetts’ highest court will decide in texting case David Rossman, School of Law After the state’s highest court hears the stomach-churning details of how Michelle Carter told her boyfriend to kill himself in the last days of his life, they’ll be faced with a decision that goes beyond whether the legal case against the teenage girl should go forward… Expert quote: “That could be construed […]

Hundreds of OUI cases on hold as defendants challenge breath tests

MetroWest Daily News David Rossman, School of Law Hundreds of drunk driving cases in Massachusetts are temporarily on hold as a judge prepares to rule on whether evidence produced by alcohol breath-testing devices used across the state is scientifically sound… Expert quote: “The judge is going to determine whether the possibility of an error is […]