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Amnesty for addicts? Police chiefs weigh in

Worcester Telegram David L. Rosenbloom, School of Public Health Long before opioids firmed their grip on the middle class and became everybody’s problem, they were mostly the problem of the police… Expert quote: “The evidence is very strong that getting someone in quickly is an extraordinarily effective starting point.” View full article

5 takeaways from the first year of Gloucester’s groundbreaking effort to fight heroin addiction David Rosenbloom, School of Public Health It’s been a year since addicts were welcomed to the Gloucester police station and offered treatment instead of jail… Expert quote: “The most dramatic finding is the view that police departments and the police officers have been seen as more supportive and more welcoming than the institutions they […]

Seeking to cut drug arrests, Shakopee police offer addicts money to stay clean

Star Tribune David Rosenbloom, School of Public Health Shakopee police are recycling money seized during drug arrests to offer as much as $3,000 to addicts for treatment… Expert quote: “What you are seeing is the pent-up frustration of police officers. In the past, [they] have been given a set of tools and expectations that didn’t […]

Many Doctors Hold Racist Beliefs About How Black People Feel Pain

BuzzFeed David Rosenbloom, School of Public Health A new survey of medical students at the University of Virginia found that about half held “false and even fantastical” beliefs that black people feel less pain than white people — fallacies that date to 19th-century doctors justifying mistreatment of American slaves… Expert quote: “It’s all mixed up […]

Massachusetts Chief’s Tack in Drug War: Steer Addicts to Rehab, Not Jail

New York Times (subscription required) David Rosenbloom, School of Public Health Leonard Campanello, the police chief of Gloucester, Massachusetts, took the microphone here in mid-December and opened with his usual warm-up line: I’m from Gloucester, he said in his heavy Boston accent. “That’s spelled ‘G-l-o-s-t-a-h.’”… Expert quote: “This has the potential to be a disruptive […]