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Taxpayer demand for human help soars, despite IRS automation

Computerworld James Bessen, School of Law In the past decade, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has invested heavily in online self-service technology, including programs such as “Where’s my Refund?” … Expert quote: “People who are comfortable doing their own taxes without human help might still have questions about certain items.” View full article

7 things marketing wants to say to IT

Computerworld Shuba Srinivasan, School of Management As marketing becomes fully digital, CMOs need more than just plain-vanilla tech services from their IT departments — much more… Expert quote: “Marketers really need integrated databases. The CMO’s job would be a lot easier if CIOs could provide an integrated solution that tracks from lead generation through sale […]

Could Bitcoin’s frothy venture funding dry up?

Computerworld Mark Williams, School of Management Bitcoin: What is it, really? A digital currency? An investment? An Xbox game? For many people it’s not clear, but that hasn’t stopped venture capitalists from going gaga over it… Expert quote: “Bitcoin is the standard bearer for the fledgling e-currency industry. The success or failure of Bitcoin will have […]

Next stop, Mars: NASA’s Maven spacecraft blasts off on a 10-month journey

Computerworld John Clarke, College of Arts & Sciences NASA’s Maven spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station today for a 10-month journey to the Red Planet… Expert quote: “Scientifically, this is very important. The rovers want to find little things on the surface today, and Maven is interested in the long-term history of […]