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Patrick would be ‘terrific choice’ as Clinton’s veep

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Gov. Deval Patrick is reportedly on the short list of potential running mates for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Bay State political analysts say he could be the perfect pick because he could help win over the party’s progressive wing and shine in head-to-head debates… Expert quote: […]

Pundits: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, likely 1-and-done term

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Divisive front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — battling ever-growing unpopularity, strong resistance from within their own parties, partisan stonewalling and even age — may already be doomed to a one-term presidency, pundits say… Expert quote: “If you don’t get something done in the first year, your […]

Despite polls, doubt remains about Bernie Sanders’ electability

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Bernie Sanders is having a good month. He has beaten Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton in seven of the last eight contests, he continues to outpace her in fundraising, he has narrowed Clinton’s lead in national polling to an average of 1.2 percentage points, and he […]

Globe’s stunt could wind up being a big boon for Donald Trump

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies The Boston Globe’s fake front page reporting dire news from a future Donald Trump presidency has dragged the newspaper to the mudslinging level of 2016’s candidates — but could do more to help Trump than hurt him, media experts say… Expert quote: “This is going to reinforce […]