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Planned Parenthood: IUD requests in Boston have risen greatly since election

FOX 25 News Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies Women’s health advocates in Boston tell FOX25 they’ve seen a tremendous increase since the election, and one group said they have an idea why. Expert quote: “President-elect trump and his surrogates, particularly in the primaries, they were talking about defunding Planned Parenthood.”  View full article

Clinton popular vote lead revives questions about Electoral College system

Sinclair Broadcast Group Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies Four years ago, Donald Trump was furious at the prospect of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney losing the electoral vote but winning the popular vote… Expert quote: “There was concern that, say, Pennsylvania and New York, would dominate the government proceedings.” View full article

US Elections Expose Weakness of Key Political Parties During Nomination Process

Sputnik International Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies This year’s presidential election exposed an inner weakness of US political parties and their inability to control the nomination process. Expert quote: “It’s really kind of revolt against the establishment in both parties. We started with the democratic primary with Bernie Sanders coming close to overturning Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Then Donald Trump just […]