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Trump executive branch clashes with judiciary but talk of crisis premature

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tom Whalen, College of General Studies While the states suing President Donald Trump over his controversial immigration executive order are eager to move on to discovery and a trial, government lawyers want to postpone further proceedings pending another decision on their appeal… Expert quote: “Tom Whalen, a professor of social sciences at […]

Prez-elect’s call for fed aid to ease Chicago murder woes could rankle GOP

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies President-elect Donald Trump’s call for Chicago officials to ask for federal assistance to deal with the city’s skyrocketing murder rate is more in line with big government Democratic thinking than that of his own party — and could get him in trouble with rank-and-file Republicans, a political […]

Trump’s selection of former generals for Cabinet posts draws mixed reactions

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tom Whalen, College of General Studies President-elect Donald Trump has selected retired generals for three top Cabinet posts, with other former military leaders still under consideration for other roles, sparking concerns over military authority creeping into civilian government… Expert quote: “The problem is that the more that you put retired military officials […]

They’re called citizen initiatives, but they’re dominated by big money

Boston Globe Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Massachusetts political reformers created ballot initiatives a century ago to wrest control from the corporate interests dominating Beacon Hill, and ordinary citizens immediately seized on their new power… Expert quote: “This was originally an attempt to democratize the process, to get important issues out of the hands […]

Planned Parenthood: IUD requests in Boston have risen greatly since election

FOX 25 News Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies Women’s health advocates in Boston tell FOX25 they’ve seen a tremendous increase since the election, and one group said they have an idea why. Expert quote: “President-elect trump and his surrogates, particularly in the primaries, they were talking about defunding Planned Parenthood.”  View full article