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From certain war to uncertain peace: Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement turns 20

The Conversation John W. Mackey In 1988, one of Northern Ireland’s most divisive Protestant politicians rose to his feet and shouted at Pope John Paul II, who was addressing the European Parliament, “I denounce you as the Antichrist!”… Expert quote: “The Good Friday Agreement brought an impressive measure of peace to Northern Ireland and offered […]

Chabot: Democrats at center of ethical mess

Boston Herald Thomas Whalen Beacon Hill Democrats — battered by multiple high-profile harassment scandals during an election year — could now face more intense questions about State House abuses of power following yesterday’s sex assault indictment against former Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg’s husband, observers said… Expert quote: “This is a monumental scandal that could […]

Soros ‘Unloaded Both Barrels’ on Trump at Davos, ‘He Didn’t Hold Anything Back

Sputnik News Thomas Whalen American billionaire George Soros said that the Trump administration posed a danger to the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos… Expert quote: “I’m surprised by his tone, I thought he’d be a little bit more discrete and subtle but no, he unloaded both barrels there, he didn’t hold anything back.” View […]