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Talkin’ Loud and Saying Something: Courageous Women Continue to Shine the Light on Sexual Harassment

Huffington Post Mary Buck I woke up this morning as many did to the news that NBC “Today” co-host Matt Lauer was fired for “inappropriate sexual behavior at work”… Expert quote: “I teach senior students how to transition from college into the professional world. We work on the basic stuff… but the most important class […]

Art of the earworm: Why some songs get stuck in your head

Christian Science Monitor Victor Coelho, College of Fine Arts Sure, cockroaches are bad. But there may be one pest that’s loathed even more – the earworm… Expert quote: “I would hate to simplify the idea of the earworm,” Victor Coelho, chair of Boston University’s department of musicology, tells the Monitor in a phone interview. “These […]