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Using Big Data, Machine Learning to Reduce Chronic Disease Spending

HealthITAnalytics Yannis Paschalidis Researchers at Boston University are using machine learning and big data to reduce healthcare spending on chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Expert Quote: “Using machine learning to come up with personalized predictions and recommendations will significantly strengthen prevention efforts. Better prevention can not only improve outcomes for individuals, but also substantially […]

The beauty and science of bubbles

CBS News James Bird As some of us may recall, bubbles (ostensibly from champagne) were a trademark of the classic Lawrence Welk TV show… Expert quote: “Bubbles are important because they transport gases into liquids and liquid into gases. They can affect the way that we might perceive or smell certain beverages, like champagne — the […]

Some parents saying ‘no’ to tackle football over CTE fears

NBC News Lee Goldstein Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti sat with his wife, Lynn, in their Hamptons home reminiscing about the past… Expert quote: “CTE develops slowly over years to decades and then it affects really basically all aspects of a person [sic] mental activity and their interaction with others. We see changes in learning […]