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EPA yanks scientists’ conference presentations, including on climate change

The Washington Post Robinson Fulweiler The Environmental Protection Agency has instructed two of its scientists and one contractor not to speak as planned at a scientific conference Monday in Providence, R.I., sparking criticism from some academics and congressional Democrats… Expert quote: The choice by our government leaders to ignore the abundant and overwhelming data regarding climate change […]

Do Even Famous Battles Ever Really Affect War’s Outcome?

The Daily Beast Cathal Nolan Since the first truly national armies emerged in early 17th century Europe, statesmen, soldiers, and military historians alike have seen battle as the soul of war, and the decisive battle as the chief means for securing war’s political ends… Expert quote: “Singular victories or defeats that created lasting strategic change.” […]

The Confederate memorial: living, breathing — and raging — history – We can’t forget, for a moment, that Civil War was about slavery

The Boston Globe Nina Silber We can’t forget, for a moment, that Civil War was about slavery… Expert quote: “It is, in effect, another way some neo-Confederates have attempted to legally justify an act of treason and obfuscate the real reason for secession — a reason made abundantly clear by the state of Mississippi in […]

ISIS left reeling after coalition drives group out of de facto capital

Boston Herald Michael Corgan U.S.-backed forces claim they’ve routed Islamic State fighters from Raqqa, declaring victory after months of fighting in the terrorist group’s de facto Syrian capital, eroding its ability to launch attacks and delivering a major symbolic loss to the so-called caliphate, experts say… View full article

Where Critics of Tax Reform Go Wrong – Tax Policy Center’s models don’t simulate how the GOP plan would draw investment to the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal Laurence Kotlikoff The Republican framework for tax reform is taking considerable heat… Expert quote: “Following the trail back, we find that last year’s study relied on two closed-economy models that do not simulate the current, let alone the future, global capital market.” View full article

Learning From the Fight Against Lead

Bloomberg Henrik Selin According to some estimates, the use of leaded gasoline stole five or more IQ points from those of us who grew up in big U.S. cities during the 1960s and early 1970s, when contamination peaked… Expert quote: “The treaty was negotiated so it wouldn’t change U.S. policy, but it will likely force China […]

One Man’s Future May Foreshadow Xi’s Plans to Hold on to Power

Bloomberg Politics Joseph Fewsmith At China’s twice-a-decade political reshuffle this month, the fate of one official will be scrutinized for signs of how much President Xi Jinping allows himself to be constrained by established Communist Party retirement norms. Expert quote: “Jiang instituted the cut-off to keep a rival from securing a third term on the […]