Brookline has third most gas leaks in state

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Red Brick And Beyond: How Boston Architecture Works & The Truth About City Hall

WGBH News Keith Morgan, College of Arts & Sciences The sensible and world-wise decision of the Walsh administration not to cave in, as Mayor Tom Menino did, to misguided populist demands that the city tear down Kallman and McKinnel’s new City Hall — a building lauded globally as one of the triumphs of Boston architecture […]

Study Finds Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness for Depression Is Overstated

New York Times (subscription required) Stefan Hofmann, College of Arts & Sciences Medical literature has overstated the benefits of talk therapy for depression, in part because studies with poor results have rarely made it into journals, researchers reported on Wednesday… Expert quote: “The number of trials they looked at was fairly small, and the different psychotherapy […]

The $5 Cereal That Provoked a London Mob

The Atlantic Japonica Brown-Saracino, College of Arts & Sciences I despise breakfast cereal. As in: feel-it’s-an-affront-to-civilization, why-add-insult-to-the-injury-of-morning-existence despise… Expert quote: “There are people who move into a neighborhood because they’re attracted to certain qualities of a place. On moving, they recognize that they are part of transforming the things that they value about a place. […]

Amid Kunduz Takeover, Who Is Funding The Taliban? Iran, Drug Money Fuels Afghanistan Conflict

International Business Times Thomas Barfield, College of Arts & Sciences Afghan forces, supported by NATO airstrikes, stepped up an intense campaign Tuesday to retake the northern Afghanistan city of Kunduz a day after Taliban militants drove out Afghan forces and raised their trademark white flag throughout the strategically significant city… Expert quote: “People living in Kunduz had been complaining to […]

Time for a woman on the Supreme Court

The News International By Adil Najam, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies One hundred and thirty-seven men have served as the justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Depending on whether you want to count those whose appointments have been later annulled, that number may be less. But that is not […]

A former CIA officer on how a shutdown hurts national security

Boston Globe (subscription required) By John Woodward, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies Because Congress seems unable to carry out one of its fundamental responsibilities — approving an annual budget — the federal government could shut down on Oct. 1. Such shutdowns are costly — the Economist estimates that the 2013 […]

How big will the crowd be in Philadelphia?

Boston Globe (subscription required) Farouk El-Baz, Center for Remote Sensing, College of Arts & Sciences How big is the crowd in Philadelphia? Heaven only knows… Expert quote: “The people who take care of security and so on — they overestimate because they want to say ‘look at how many people we had to take care […]