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Boston Globe (subscription required) Christopher Muller, School of Hospitality Administration Zagat’s restaurant handbook with its citizen ratings was about the only US guide for diners to nibble on in 1979… Expert quote: “Online reservation systems have become more important than anything else [restaurant owners] are doing. They have leveled the playing field. The smallest, most […]

McDonald’s unhealthy image and why it can’t shake it

Deseret News Christopher Muller, School of Hospitality Administration With a wink to its core customer, the 18-25-year-old, non-discerning white male, McDonald’s released an ad in January mocking heath nuts… Expert quote: “It’s overly simplistic to say that McDonald’s has lost its way. There’s an underlying demographic problem: an entire group of millennials was trained not […]

Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Postmates in Mobile Race for Fast Food Delivery

Brandchannel Christopher Muller, School of Hospitality Administration The speed and transparency of digital and mobile networks are quickly creating yet another industry: ubiquitous fast food delivery… Expert quote: “It’s less about total transparency than it is about expected technology. Not doing this makes a process appear very dated.” View full article

Pizza Hut to test Uber-like delivery

USA Today Christopher Muller, School of Hospitality Administration The delivery driver is suddenly becoming more closely-watched than Kim Kardashian… Expert quote: “Millennials and Gen Z are so completely comfortable with the instant info-sharing of text, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat that it is inconceivable to them that delivery info is not built in to any system […]

Professor Voices – McDonald’s reorganization

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook has announced his turnaround plan for the company which will see a reorganization of its international operations, as well as plans to franchise more restaurants. Professor Christopher Muller of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration offers the following comment: “Today’s announcement by McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has the potential to change […]