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The story behind a massive Muslim protest against a Christian governor

Christian Science Monitor Robert Hefner, College of Arts & Sciences Tens of thousands of protesters in Jakarta, Indonesia, took to the streets on Friday to demand the ouster of the capital’s governor for making what they call blasphemous remarks against Muslims… Expert quote: “It has to do with this ongoing debate in Indonesia about how […]

Art of the earworm: Why some songs get stuck in your head

Christian Science Monitor Victor Coelho, College of Fine Arts Sure, cockroaches are bad. But there may be one pest that’s loathed even more – the earworm… Expert quote: “I would hate to simplify the idea of the earworm,” Victor Coelho, chair of Boston University’s department of musicology, tells the Monitor in a phone interview. “These […]

NASA’s decade of sungazing: What have we learned?

Christian Science Monitor W. Jeffrey Hughes, College of Arts & Sciences After a decade of research, STEREO-A and STEREO-B are finally coming home… Expert quote: “The sun … directly affects us in ways the planets don’t, so there’s a much more practical aspect of needing to know more about it.” View full article

As Calais refugee camp clears, can tech innovations provide answers?

Christian Science Monitor Noora Lori, Pardee School French authorities set about dismantling and bulldozing impromptu houses at the Calais migrant camp on Tuesday, with more than 4,000 of the camp’s estimated 7,000 inhabitants having left the site… Expert quote: “It’s not going to be nation states. It’s a problem because of nation states.” View full article

For China’s Xi, anticorruption drive is all about Communist Party survival

Christian Science Monitor Joseph Fewsmith, Pardee School Earlier this month, a former Communist Party secretary in southwest China was sentenced to death for taking bribes of nearly $38 million… Expert quote: “Xi Jinping has set out over the last four years to restore what he thinks the party should be, a highly disciplined party with […]

CO2 milestone hit: A prompt to turn the Paris climate deal into action?

Christian Science Monitor Adil Najam, Pardee School Two weeks before world leaders gather in Marrakesh, Morocco, for the next major United Nations climate change summit meeting, the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has announced global carbon dioxide levels have passed a symbolic threshold… Expert quote: “If 400 [p.p.m.] has any real meaning – it’s just […]

Is an AT&T-Time Warner merger less likely under a Clinton presidency?

Christian Science Monitor Keith Hylton, School of Law It would be reasonable to expect American voters who worry about the impact big business mergers could have on the economy to gravitate toward the Democratic presidential nominee. Expert quote: “For the most part, Republicans have been much more relaxed about mergers, and it’s typical for someone […]

Bush’s letter to Clinton: Even bitter elections can bring polite power transfers

Christian Science Monitor Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies Following this campaign season can be stress-inducing. Apart from the typical mud-slinging in every election, there were pointed insults, occasional violence, and a seeming void of personal relationship between the two candidates who didn’t even shake hands in the third and final debate. Expert quote: “The […]

Schiaparelli begins descent: How did the ESA choose this Mars landing site?

Christian Science Monitor Farouk El-Baz & Bradley Thomson, College of Arts & Sciences On Sunday, The Schiaparelli began its daring descent to the Red Planet… Expert quote: “Among the highest-priority sites are those with subaqueous sediments or hydrothermal deposits. The ExoMars rover will have the capability to drill up to 2 meters into the subsurface and will […]