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Schiaparelli begins descent: How did the ESA choose this Mars landing site?

Christian Science Monitor Farouk El-Baz & Bradley Thomson, College of Arts & Sciences On Sunday, The Schiaparelli began its daring descent to the Red Planet… Expert quote: “Among the highest-priority sites are those with subaqueous sediments or hydrothermal deposits. The ExoMars rover will have the capability to drill up to 2 meters into the subsurface and will […]

Why coal-dependent Poland signed the Paris climate agreement

Christian Science Monitor Ian Sue Wing, College of Arts & Sciences The European Union officially ratified the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, along with several member nations… Expert quote: “There is a heavy reliance, not just because the power sector generates electricity overwhelmingly from coal, but because it’s deep in the nation’s psyche as well.” […]

America’s 11 most endangered historic places: Are they worth saving?

Christian Science Monitor Daniel Bluestone, College of Arts & Sciences The National Trust for Historic Preservation released its annual list of the most endangered architectural and cultural sites in the United States on Wednesday, showcasing such diverse sites as San Francisco’s Embarcadero District and the nearly 2-million-acre cultural landscape called Bears Ears in Utah… Expert […]

New Jersey gas leak explosion: How common are such explosions in homes?

Christian Science Monitor Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences On early Tuesday morning, a smell of natural gas in the air (and authorities directing them to evacuate) alarmed some residents in Patterson, N.J…. Expert quote: “When it [natural gas] is in a confined space such as a basement or manhole and fills up to […]

From Aleppo to Rwanda, when is a president morally forced to act?

Christian Science Monitor Michael Corgan, Pardee School, College of Arts & Sciences In the wake of a failed cease-fire, Russian and Syrian forces are ramping up their devastating assault on Aleppo… Expert quote: “For almost 100 years after John Quincy Adams we simply don’t have the competency to intervene, and then when we do – […]

Can Venezuela move beyond crisis?

Christian Science Monitor Carlos Blanco, Pardee School, College of Arts & Sciences Venezuela is a “mono-product economy,” relying on oil and gas for 95 percent of its export revenue… Expert quote: But that may have masked the nature of his rule: “a dictatorship … a modern, 21st-century one, but a dictatorship nonetheless,” says Carlos Blanco, […]

‘Reasonable suspicion’ defined: Black men who run from police can’t be assumed guilty

Christian Science Monitor Shea Cronin, Metropolitan College Massachusetts’s highest court ruled that black men who flee voluntary encounters with police shouldn’t be looked at with greater suspicion than those who comply with consensual stops, as they may have a legitimate reason based in fear to do so… Expert quote: “The courts seem to be consistently […]

White House releases drone policy playbook: A model for the world?

Christian Science Monitor Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences For the first time, the United States released its “playbook” for using drones to kill terrorists abroad… Expert quote: “In a way it doesn’t make much difference that they might lay out their internal criteria for targeted killing. It’s the fact that they’re targeted killing […]