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S scientists accuse Turkish researcher of spiriting away their idea — and claiming it as her own

STAT News Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering Catherine Klapperich was at home one night recently when she pulled up the news coverage… Expert quote: ““Seeing it on TV, it’s so visceral. You click on the link, and I gasped, like, ‘Oh my gosh, how can this be?’” said Klapperich, a biomedical engineer at Boston University.” […]

Commentary: Despite Doubts Raised On Theranos, Great Need For Quick Diagnoses

WBUR “CommonHealth” Co-written by Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering The recent news that the multibillion-dollar health care startup Theranos has potentially been overselling its ability to perform fast, “point-of-care” diagnostic testing using only a drop of a patient’s blood is disappointing to many test developers and health care providers… View full article by expert Catherine […]

Quicker test in the works for HIV viral load

Futurity News Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering Catherine Klapperich’s lab creates point-of-care diagnostics—tools, such as a pregnancy test stick, that doctors and regular people can use to immediately test for conditions like high cholesterol or diagnose illnesses like strep throat… View full article featuring expert Catherine Klapperich  

Scientists Develop Disposable Microfluidic Chip for Flu Detection

AZoNano Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering A research team led by Catherine Klapperich from the Boston University has devised a disposable microfluidic chip, which is a precise, inexpensive, rapid point-of-care device that could serve as an efficient tool for clinicians to rapidly diagnose pandemic and seasonal influenza strains, thus restricting infection outbreaks… View article