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Could Roger Ailes’s expected departure reshape Fox News?

Christian Science Monitor Caryl Rivers, College of Communication Roger Ailes’s tenure leading Fox News channel appears to be drawing toward a close, following sexual harassment allegations against the channel’s chief executive… Expert quote: “The Murdoch boys are looking at the demographics and see it as skewing very old, very white, very male. I think they’re definitely […]

Same-Sex Marriage Fits In Fine With History

Women’s eNews By Caryl Rivers, College of Communication In oral argument before the Supreme Court over whether same-sex marriage should be legal across the nation, attorney John Bursch argued for the state of Michigan that the answer should be no. He claimed that marriage had existed for millennia to ensure that parents bonded with their […]

Deflategate Gives Tom Brady’s Reputation The Sheen Of Boston’s Seedier Side

WGBH News Caryl Rivers, College of Communication The news of the NFL report on the Patriots’ Deflategate,­ along with Tom Brady’s written defense has reverberated outside of New England into national headlines… Expert quote: “Tom Brady is the golden boy to top all golden boys. He’s handsome, he’s a good teammate, he’s married to a supermodel,” […]