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Money for Nothing: How to Stop ‘Patent Trolls’ From Stifling Innovation

Business Week James Bessen, School of Law Michael Meurer, School of Law When it comes to smothering good ideas, no group does it better than the so-called patent trolls, also known by more flattering euphemisms as “patent assertion entities,” “nonproduct entities,” and “nonpracticing entities.”… View full article referencing expert James Bessen and Michael Meurer

Summers Schooled by Harvard Rates Now Wants Job Setting Them

Business Week Mark Williams, School of Management Lawrence Summers was president of Harvard University when in 2004 the world’s richest school came up with an inventive and ultimately flawed financial strategy… Expert quote: “That speaks to the risk-tolerance of this individual.  On Wall Street it works, but does it work as the chairman of the […]

A Truly Smart Idea Republicans and Democrats Actually Agree On

Business Week Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences Worried about the economic future of your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren?… Expert quote: “It’s not the case that no investment can pay for itself. Is this going to make the fiscal gap worse? That’s an intelligent discussion. Can we afford this if it doesn’t pay for […]

U.K. Judges Face O.J. Simpson-Style Trials With Cameras in Court

Business Week Christopher Daly, College of Communication The U.K. justice system, where judges in criminal cases still wear 18th century-style horsehair wigs and winged collars, will take a step toward U.S.-style legal dramas when cameras are allowed in court… Expert quote: “There were warnings that the sky would fall and we were told to beware […]