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It’s time for an uncomfortable discussion about what it really means to engineer a ‘better baby’

Business Insider George Annas, School of Public Health New genetic editing technologies that are becoming more refined every day could soon allow us to make edits to the genome of a human embryo,… Expert quote: “Humans have more flaws than we know what to do with,” says Annas. “One of them is that we don’t […]

Google did NOT split up because of the EU, legal experts agree

Business Insider Keith Hylton, School of Law Google is splitting apart. The European Union has talked about splitting Google apart. Are the two related? Is Google trying to cleverly preempt whatever the Europeans decide to do?… Expert quote: “The core problem, from the EU’s perspective, is that Google enters into ‘vertical search’ markets while at […]

Here’s why people work like crazy, even when they already have everything they need

Business Insider Carey Morewedge, Questrom School of Business In a talk last year, Google CEO Larry Page raised a radical notion: We all might be working much harder than is necessary… Expert quote: “They may later regret overly virtuous behavior and feel they missed out on the pleasures of life.” View full article  

An increasingly common medical procedure is raising ethical questions we’re not prepared to deal with

Business Insider George Annas, School of Public Health There may be as many as a million frozen embryos in the United States, left over from couples who didn’t use all the embryos they created through in vitro fertilization (IVF), Tamar Lewin reports in The New York Times. View full article referencing expert George Annas