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Scalding-hot temperatures above the solar system’s largest storm might solve a longstanding mystery about Jupiter

Business Insider James O’Donoghue, College of Arts & Sciences Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is the largest storm in the solar system. Located in Jupiter’s lower atmosphere, this storm living is so big that you could fit two or three Earths inside of it… Expert quote: “We call this the energy crisis nowadays, because it’s been unresolved […]

A doctor explains why a woman would use the kind of growth hormone linked to sports doping scandals

Business Insider Thomas Perls, School of Medicine Peyton Manning found himself embroiled in scandal when Al Jazeera released “The Dark Side,” a documentary that purported to link shipments of human growth hormone (HGH) to the quarterback in 2011… Expert quote: “In my opinion, there’s no scientific or medical evidence there.” View full article

It’s time for an uncomfortable discussion about what it really means to engineer a ‘better baby’

Business Insider George Annas, School of Public Health New genetic editing technologies that are becoming more refined every day could soon allow us to make edits to the genome of a human embryo,… Expert quote: “Humans have more flaws than we know what to do with,” says Annas. “One of them is that we don’t […]

Google did NOT split up because of the EU, legal experts agree

Business Insider Keith Hylton, School of Law Google is splitting apart. The European Union has talked about splitting Google apart. Are the two related? Is Google trying to cleverly preempt whatever the Europeans decide to do?… Expert quote: “The core problem, from the EU’s perspective, is that Google enters into ‘vertical search’ markets while at […]