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IMF tempers on capital controls

The International Monetary Fund recently endorsed the use of capital controls by governments to avoid asset bubbles.  Now it’s backing off a bit, saying such policies could cause distortions in domestic and international markets.  International Relations Professor Kevin Gallagher, a specialist in globalization and development who has written about the IMF and capital controls in Foreign Policy […]

Toyota’s troubles

The troubles for Toyota keep mounting with a recall of 311,000 of its 2010 Prius expected this week.  BU College of Communication Professor and veteran PR reputation management expert Peter Morrissey offers his thoughts on the embattled carmaker: “Toyota’s reputation is its most valued asset.  They are putting it at unacceptable high risk and they […]

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Dealing with TBTF institutions

President Obama has proposed taxing banks that have benefited from TARP bailouts and restricting banking trading activities so depositor funds are not put at risk.  In a Boston Globe op-ed, Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, says it would be more effective to make too-big-to-fail institutions return […]

Wall Street's record compensation

Despite fury over Wall Street’s pay culture, major banks and securities firms are headed toward a record compensation total of around $145 billion for 2009 when all the numbers are out.  Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, a  senior economist in the Reagan administration whose new book, “Jimmy Stewart is Dead,” about the banking industry, will be […]

SEC revamping enforcement arm

The Securities and Exchange Commission is upgrading itself, creating specialized units within its enforcement arm and offering financial-insider informants immunity from prosecution.  Law Professor Elizabeth Nowicki, a veteran of both the SEC and Wall Street, says the immunity for witnesses can help insure investors that the market is still relative safe. “Offering immunity to a […]

P&G sells prescription drug unit

Proctor & Gamble has agreed to sell its prescription drug business for $3.1 billion to the Irish pharmaceutical firm Warner Chilcott.  School of Law Professor Kevin Outterson, an authority in pharma law and marketing, says the deal is evidence of further consolidation in the prescription drug industry. “P&G evidently decided they couldn’t compete at at […]