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Will Republicans Run A Third-Party Conservative To Stop Trump? It’s Possible But Risky

International Business Times Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences With just two weeks left before the hourglass runs out for Republicans like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio or Ohio Gov. John Kasich to show they can mount a serious challenge to Donald Trump, the question of how to take down the front-runner should they fail has made […]

Obama’s final year in office shaping up to be one of genuine relevance

Washington Post Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences It was not so long ago that many observers were arguing that it was time to slide Barack Obama’s presidency onto the bookshelf labeled history… Expert quote: “LBJ was a legislative wizard. By normal standards, he was successful on Capitol Hill as a lame duck, but […]

Modern politics: Public is more partisan, parties are more powerless

Reuters By Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences In the latest strange turn in the relentlessly surprising campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, the candidates have threatened to abandon the scheduled series of televised debates organized under the aegis of the Republican National Committee… View full article by expert Bruce Schulman

Rethinking the Election of 1964

C-SPAN Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences Panelists (including Bruce Schulman, Boston University, History Department) talked about the 1964 presidential election. Topics included the roles of the electorate, nominees, and political parties in the election’s outcome. President Lyndon B. Johnson won a second term when defeated Republican Barry Goldwater in the election… View video with expert […]