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With Only a Couple of Hours Remaining, 30% of Registered Bostonians Have Decided to #FlockTheVote

BostInno John Carroll, College of Communication As of 6 p.m., 113,677, or 30.55 percent of registered Bostonians, have cast a ballot in today’s general election, nearly equaling the final preliminary election turnout numbers… Expert quote: “Turnout overall seems to be up somewhat from the preliminary. If (higher turnout rates) are coming from constituents of color, that […]

In three US cities, three longtime mayors prepare exits. What legacies?

Christian Science Monitor Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Call them the hipster, the billionaire, and the boss… Expert quote: “In terms of Boston, I guess you could say Mayor Menino was able to bring to fruition the dream … of making Boston a world-class city. It certainly has become that with the development of […]