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Report indicates link between Zika virus, birth defect

Boston Herald Ronald Corley, School of Medicine, NEIDL A breakthrough report published yesterday could provide an important link between the Zika virus and the birth defect microcephaly, and will likely serve as a springboard for local research efforts into the mystery illness, Hub scientists say… Expert quote: “It could easily be the avenue for a […]

BU prof: Mogul’s win puts Baker in ‘no-win situation’

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Donald Trump’s resounding victory in the Bay State primary and a slew of other Super Tuesday states could create more political headaches for Gov. Charlie Baker, who’s now overseeing a state GOP electorate that’s at odds with his own national leanings, political observers say… Expert quote: “I […]

Hillary Clinton to open 6 new offices in Bay State

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Hillary Clinton has built a wider lead with establishment “superdelegates” as she is set to open a half-dozen new offices in Massachusetts, where she trails U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders in the polls… Expert quote: “I think (the endorsements) might be held against her because it just underlies […]

Liberal record could ‘destroy’ Deval Patrick’s chances

Boston Herald Tracey Maclin, School of Law Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Deval Patrick would face a bruising Senate confirmation hearing if President Obama were to nominate the former Bay State governor — one of his closest political allies — to the Supreme Court, legal and political experts say… Expert quotes: Maclin: “Deval Patrick […]

Coverage of attacks haunting youngsters

Boston Herald Donna Pincus, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders, College of Arts & Sciences The 24-hour news cycle’s heavy focus on terrorism and school violence is planting anxiety and even trauma in some of the smallest members of society — school-age children — but it could be years before the effects of the emotional […]

Mogul stands behind ban despite jihadi clip featuring his quotes

Boston Herald Fred Bayles, College of Communication Republican front-runner Donald Trump is standing by his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States after his rhetoric was used in a newly released recruitment video for an al-Qaeda affiliate… Expert quote: “It would satisfy most of his supporters.” View full article