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France’s Le Pen looks to ride outsider wave

Boston Herald William Keylor, College of Arts and Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies Marine Le Pen, the far-right French presidential candidate whose recent surge in the polls has analysts comparing the charismatic politician to President Trump, could ride the global populist wave that landed the New York billionaire in the White House to an […]

Rex Tillerson, China turn up heat on N. Korea

Boston Herald William Keylor, Pardee School of Global Studies & College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “China’s willingness to pressure North Korea into backing off of its nuclear ambitions is a key to getting results on the volatile Asian peninsula, Korea watchers said…” Expert quote: “In recent days, Tillerson stressed that “all options […]

Corporate social media ripe for political hacking

Boston Herald Jacob Groshek, College of Communication “McDonald’s blamed an “external source” for hacking into its corporate Twitter account to issue a tweet taunting President Trump yesterday — the latest instance of a popular new way to get attention, by hijacking high-profile sites.” Expert quote: “If we start to see this happening more frequently on […]

Edward Snowden may head to U.S., jail

Boston Herald Joseph Wippl, Pardee School/College of Arts and Science Moscow is reportedly toying with the idea of handing NSA leaker Edward Snowden over to President Trump as a housewarming gift after the whistleblower and alleged spy spent four years hiding in Russia… Expert quote: “Boston University professor and longtime CIA officer Joseph Wippl said […]

Iran criticizes ‘clear insult,’ bars Americans from visiting

Boston Herald William Keylor, Pardee School of Global Studies Iran fired back at President Trump’s order preventing its citizens from entering the United States by blocking Americans wishing to enter the Middle Eastern country, as officials in Tehran called the move “a clear insult to the Islamic world.”… Expert Quote: “It’s going to cause a […]