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Edward Snowden may head to U.S., jail

Boston Herald Joseph Wippl, Pardee School/College of Arts and Science Moscow is reportedly toying with the idea of handing NSA leaker Edward Snowden over to President Trump as a housewarming gift after the whistleblower and alleged spy spent four years hiding in Russia… Expert quote: “Boston University professor and longtime CIA officer Joseph Wippl said […]

Iran criticizes ‘clear insult,’ bars Americans from visiting

Boston Herald William Keylor, Pardee School of Global Studies Iran fired back at President Trump’s order preventing its citizens from entering the United States by blocking Americans wishing to enter the Middle Eastern country, as officials in Tehran called the move “a clear insult to the Islamic world.”… Expert Quote: “It’s going to cause a […]

Trump: Only ‘stupid’ people and ‘fools’ think good relations with Kremlin bad

Boston Herald William Keylor, Pardee School/College of Arts & Sciences President-elect Donald Trump said yesterday that “only ‘stupid’ people or fools” would dismiss closer ties with Russia and suggested warmer relations between the two countries would help solve “some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the world,” a claim that local […]

Terror’s toll in Turkey could test NATO resolve

Boston Herald William Keylor, Pardee School/College of Arts & Sciences The recent surge in terror attacks in Turkey — including yesterday’s massacre at an Istanbul nightclub where a gunman shot at least 39 people dead and left scores wounded — could begin to test the resolve of NATO and others, including the United States, in […]

Prez-elect’s call for fed aid to ease Chicago murder woes could rankle GOP

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies President-elect Donald Trump’s call for Chicago officials to ask for federal assistance to deal with the city’s skyrocketing murder rate is more in line with big government Democratic thinking than that of his own party — and could get him in trouble with rank-and-file Republicans, a political […]