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Moderators continue to draw scrutiny in debates

Boston Herald Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communications Moderators were again in the line of fire after a presidential debate last night, as Donald Trump framed the stern inquiries of ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper as tantamount to “one-on-three.” Expert quote: “The media and the public, as well as the candidates and the political […]

Donald Trump confidante believes Assange will deliver ‘the payload of all time’

Boston Herald Fred Bayles, College of Communication The “October surprise” WikiLeaks promise failed to materialize because of security concerns, but a Donald Trump confidante said a damning data dump against Hillary Clinton is still on 
the way… Expert quote: “Assange let down a lot of people hopeful for a big revelation. The anticipation is building […]

Few worries for New York Times in printing Donald Trump’s tax records

Boston Herald Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication Although an average citizen would be breaking federal law by publishing someone else’s tax returns without permission, the New York Times will probably have First Amendment protection as a newspaper in its controversial decision to release Donald Trump’s hotly sought-after tax records… Expert quote: “Trump is perceived to […]

CNN under fire for latest confrontational graphic

Boston Herald Fred Bayles, College of Communication CNN reminded viewers in a banner across the bottom of the screen yesterday that, no, President Obama did not literally found ISIS, in a case of Donald Trump fact-checking that one media expert dubbed unnecessary… Expert quote: “I don’t think there’s a question in anybody’s mind that Obama […]