What the suicide-by-text case has in common with a 19th-century trial David Rossman, School of Law The case against Michelle Carter, a doe-eyed Massachusetts teen accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself via text messages, is both disturbing and unusual… Expert quote: “If you can be convicted of murder by persuading or convincing someone else to kill themselves, you can certainly be convicted of […]

If this site is taking you to the App Store, we’re sorry Martin Egele, College of Engineering If you’ve owned an iPhone or Android recently, you’ve likely experienced it… Expert quote: “If you load in your browser a specific URL containing something called ITMS … any Apple device will happily open the iTunes music store. It’s not necessarily malicious, but let’s call it questionable business, if […]

How dress codes make things worse for high school girls Carrie Preston, College of Arts & Sciences In a tale all too familiar to suburban high school students forced to retire their leggings, yoga pants, and sleeveless shirts, another New England public school is placing restrictions on girls attire. This time, it’s for prom… Expert quote: “It’s certainly going to give women the idea that […]