The Boston University Castle is an architectural time machine Keith Morgan, College of Arts & Sciences Ever wondered what Tudor England would have been like? Step inside the Boston University Castle and get a peek into the past… Expert quote: “It’s a building that most people would consider a Tudor Revival structure. We know Lindsey had visited a major English country house [called] […]

What the suicide-by-text case has in common with a 19th-century trial David Rossman, School of Law The case against Michelle Carter, a doe-eyed Massachusetts teen accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself via text messages, is both disturbing and unusual… Expert quote: “If you can be convicted of murder by persuading or convincing someone else to kill themselves, you can certainly be convicted of […]

If this site is taking you to the App Store, we’re sorry Martin Egele, College of Engineering If you’ve owned an iPhone or Android recently, you’ve likely experienced it… Expert quote: “If you load in your browser a specific URL containing something called ITMS … any Apple device will happily open the iTunes music store. It’s not necessarily malicious, but let’s call it questionable business, if […]