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Boston University Names Entrepreneurial Scientist its Innovator of the Year

BostInno Mark Crovella, College of Arts & Sciences Computer Science Professor Mark Crovella has been named Boston University’s Innovator of the Year. The “entrepreneurial scientist” was awarded the Office of Technology Development’s honor by Gloria Waters, BU’s vice president and associate provost for research, at the annual networking event Tech, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, held Tuesday on campus. […]

BU Tackles Big Data at the Data Analytics Symposium

BostInno Irena Vodenska, Metropolitan College Georgios Zervas, School of Management The Data Analytics Symposium, co-sponsored by IBM and Boston University’s Metropolitan College, brought together experts from both sponsor organizations.  Presentations addressed big data issues in various business sectors, plus panel discussions deliberated on the future direction of data analytics and the curriculum that will be […]

Baseball Analytics Course through BU & EdX Allows Anyone to Learn Sabermetrics

BostInno Andy Andres, College of General Studies This spring, baseball analytics professor Andy Andres will teach Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics through Boston University and the online learning platform, EdX… Expert quote: “Throughout the years I’ve been teaching [the course] in a small format, I always got emails – whenever there was publicity about the class – […]

Boston University’s Dean of Students Starts an Online, Candid Conversation on Race

BostInno Kenneth Elmore, Dean of Students Boston University’s Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore is starting “a discussion on race,” and wants the community to join him. Elmore published a personal blog post and an accompanying editorial on Thursday, calling on students to jump into a “fraught-ridden” conversation — one that’s surfaced at neighboring Harvard University… View full article

Local Stats Professors Share Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Your March Madness Bracket

BostInno Andy Andres, College of General Studies If simply staring at the official March Madness bracket has you breaking into a cold sweat — we get it. Hell, $1 billion is on the line, as is that 30-rack of Bud Light you promised your buddy if you lost and, more importantly, your dignity. Making an accurate bracketology prediction is […]

What if the Net Neutrality Ruling Was Actually a Good One?

BostInno Keith Hylton, School of Law The Federal Communications Commission received sobering, shocking news on Tuesday from a federal appeals court in Washington D.C…. Expert quote: “Many of the broadband and infrastructure providers have argued the net neutrality diminished their incentives to invest. Firms like Comcast will pour money into their systems, which could have an […]