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Brexit’s Market Punch Tests New Fed Playbook on Business Cycles

Bloomberg Simon Gilchrist, College of Arts & Sciences The Federal Reserve has been testing out a new playbook for monetary policy this year that’s helping officials understand how Brexit-inspired shock waves across financial markets will affect the U.S. economy… Expert quote: “It’s just become a much more prominent way of looking at the world. Part […]

U.S. Questions Whether Futures Markets Can Police Themselves

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business A top executive at 3Red Trading LLC reassured his co-founder about the future of the firm, even as federal regulators and two exchanges were investigating them for alleged market manipulation… Expert quote: “Self-regulation in the futures market does not work. It is hard to provide objective oversight and […]

China Silence on Mao’s ‘Catastrophe’ Role Fuels Revival Fear

Bloomberg Joseph Fewsmith, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies China’s Communist Party has a deep appreciation for its anniversaries. The 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution is one they’d rather not talk about… Expert quote: “The commentary reminds us of the fragility of the legitimacy of the PRC. Xi Jinping has […]

Vietnam Bank Hacking Attempt Shows Weakness of Swift Connection

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business A foiled hacking attack on a small Vietnamese bank may have been a practice run for an $81 million cyber assault on Bangladesh’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and points to vulnerabilities in how banks connect to the Swift interbank messaging system… Expert quote: “The […]

JPMorgan Trading Risk Rose, Rivals Hit Brakes With Markets Amok

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business Wall Street bank chiefs have vilified the profit-crushing markets that opened 2016 as “challenging” and “exceptionally violent and turbulent.”… Expert quote: “They’ve really dialed back their risk-taking. At the time when they really should be — because of the greater market volatility — jumping in and taking more […]

Deutsche Bank Board Uproar Pits Lonely Lawyer Against Chairman

Bloomberg Mark Williams, Questrom School of Business Georg Thoma, the lawyer, and Paul Achleitner, the financier, worked together for more than two decades modernizing Germany Inc… Expert quote: “The current infighting is simply a reflection of the frustration current board members are feeling as they attempt to clean up the mess caused by earlier bank […]