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Coinbase Exec Resigns as Company Faces Criticism

Washington Free Beacon Mark Williams, School of Management The chief compliance officer at a hotly watched bitcoin startup has resigned, shortly after the company came under criticism for its outreach to investors and consumers… Expert quote: “Time will tell, whether [Coinbase is] truly going to be embracing regulation, consumer protection, really caring about the consumer, […]

Bitcoin Exchange Highlights to Investors Currency’s Ability to Evade Sanctions

Washington Free Beacon Mark Williams, School of Management The most well-financed startup in the bitcoin industry boasted to investors that a major advantage of the electronic currency is that it can be used to flout international economic sanctions, according to an investor presentation obtained by theWashington Free Beacon… Expert quote: “Publicly, at least in writing, […]

Bitcoin Scandals Increase Skepticism About Currency’s Trustworthiness Mark Williams, School of Management Even as mainstream awareness about bitcoin and its possibilities has grown over the past year, the digital currency’s volatility has become a cause of worry for investors… Expert quote: “Bitcoin is built with clay feet. It isn’t built with a focus on trust.” View full article

Why Boston entrepreneurs are betting on bitcoin

Boston Business Journal (subscription required) Mark Williams, School of Management About a year and a half ago, Jeremy Allaire started working on a startup whose aim is to make bitcoin, the digital currency known for its volatility and security issues, accepted around the world… Expert quote: “As the market gets better on the true inherent risk, the […]

Bitcoin Price Reaction: “An Ecosystem Built on Clay Feet”

Inside Bitcoins Mark Williams, School of Management Ask the so-called “Man Who Really Built Bitcoin” why the price is falling and Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation and former lead developer of the cryptocurrency’s source code, shrugs his shoulders… Expert quote: “The recent significant price collapse demonstrates that the bitcoin trading ecosystem has been […]

Bitcoin shakes up remittances as poorer people offered digital deals

The Guardian Mark Williams, School of Management Social entrepreneurs in developing countries are using mobile phones and the controversial digital currency bitcoin to increase the speed, and slash the price, of international money transfers, raising the prospect of a revolution in the $600bn annual global remittance market… Expert quote: “Consumers learned a hard lesson [from Mt Gox]. […]