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A Sinister Side to α-Synuclein—Blocking Mitochondrial Protein Import

AlzForum Benjamin Wolozin, School of Medicine Mitochondria in dopaminergic neurons go haywire in Parkinson’s disease, ramping up oxidative stress and eventually killing the cells… Expert quote: “This identifies another key target for α-synuclein that falls in with a set of pathways genetically linked to the disease, and opens up new avenues for investigation.” View full […]

Tau Protein Turns Toxic and Clusters Under Chronic Cell Stress, Study Finds

Alzheimer’s News Today Benjamin Wolozin, School of Medicine A new study reveals how tau protein drives the formation of stress granules, intended to allow neurons to adapt to stressful conditions, like an injury, during brief periods of time… Expert quote: “Scientists have known for a long time that during disease, tau protein gets modified, changes […]

Do brain games work?

Boston Globe (subscription required) Benjamin Wolozin, School of Medicine The Brain Fit Club looks like any other gym: Hardwood floors gleam under bright lights, a big flat-screen television monitor hangs on the back wall. But some things are different: There are no towels and no mirrors, for instance, and computers perch expectantly on ledges along the wall. […]

Alzheimer Researchers See Protein as Target for Drugs

Bloomberg Benjamin Wolozin, School of Medicine, Alzheimer’s Disease Center A protein discovered less than a decade ago appears to play a role in whether symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease emerge, suggesting another avenue for exploration in efforts to find a treatment… Expert quote: “This is beginning to present the case that actually TDP-43 is a major […]

Diabetes Drug Shows Slight Effect on Dementia in German Study

Bloomberg Benjamin Wolozin, School of Medicine, Alzheimer’s Disease Center Older Germans who took Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. (4502)’s diabetes medicine Actos were slightly less likely to develop dementia, according to a study that may do little to resolve questions about the drug’s usefulness… Expert quote: “It was very important to do this study. However, it’s actually […]