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Fidel Castro: Jeremy Corbyn praises ‘huge figure’

BBC News Paul Webster Hare, Pardee School/College of Arts & Sciences Mr Corbyn praised the former Cuban president’s revolutionary “heroism”, his presence on the world stage and Cuba’s health and education systems… Expert quote: “For many Cubans its almost impossible to conceive of a world, a Cuba, without Fidel. So change will have to be […]

Navigating the potentially murky world of online reviews

BBC News Georgios Zervas, Questrom School of Business “Write Reviews Get Paid”, screams the advert. This might sound a theatre critic’s dream, but Craigslist’s “Get $5 for Yelp review” leaves less room for such notions… Expert quote: “The reason is quite simple. When was the last time you checked a review of Burger King or McDonald’s? […]