Can people learn to curb their chocolate cravings?

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Navigating the potentially murky world of online reviews

BBC News Georgios Zervas, Questrom School of Business “Write Reviews Get Paid”, screams the advert. This might sound a theatre critic’s dream, but Craigslist’s “Get $5 for Yelp review” leaves less room for such notions… Expert quote: “The reason is quite simple. When was the last time you checked a review of Burger King or McDonald’s? […]

Why Latin America should not squander the China boom

BBC By Kevin Gallagher, College of Arts & Sciences Aside from the Chinese who helped build the Panama Canal, and the Maoist rebels of Peru who called themselves the Shining Path, China’s presence and influence in Latin America was unremarkable until the turn of the 21st Century… View full article by expert Kevin Gallagher