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The new Obamacare issue worrying consumer advocates

Vox Austin Frakt, School of Public Health There’s a tool for reducing health costs that many health economists and policy geeks are eager to embrace, but that leaves consumer advocates are somewhat wary. It’s called reference pricing, and its surprisingly controversial… Expert quote: “Reference pricing gives the individual more choice and uses the resources that […]

Study calls wide Mass. coverage a lifesaver

Boston Globe (subscription required) Austin Frakt, School of Public Health During the first four years after Massachusetts implemented its 2006 health insurance law, death rates in the state dropped by nearly 3 percent among young and middle-aged adults compared with similar populations in states that didn’t expand coverage, Harvard School of Public Health researchers concluded […]

GOP, Insurers Bully Dems Into Retreat On Medicare Cuts

Talking Points Memo Austin Frakt, School of Public Health Last week, the Obama administration surrendered to intense lobbying pressure from the insurance industry and members of both parties in Congress, turning a proposed pay cut to Medicare private plans into a raise… Expert quote: “It’s not like these cuts don’t have an effect. I think […]

Both parties keep cherry picking CBO report

Politico Austin Frakt, School of Medicine, School of Public Health Know what you get when you dump a complicated Congressional Budget Office report in politicians’ laps that mentions “Obamacare” and “jobs”? Food fights. Wild, sloppy charges that don’t capture what the report actually said. And cherry picking. Lots and lots of cherry picking. Expert quote: “What […]

New GOP Plan Makes Everything They Hate About Obamacare Even Worse

TPM Austin Frakt, School of Medicine, School of Public Health For the last couple months, the Republican critique of Obamacare has been founded on President Barack Obama’s broken promise: “If you like your health plan, you can keep it.” It was a pledge that the health care reform law wouldn’t disrupt the existing insurance system, that […]

U.S. Health Spending Rising Modestly, Report Finds

HealthDay News Austin Frakt, School of Medicine, School of Public Health Even as consumers dig deeper to pay for health expenses, overall health-care spending in the United States continues to expand at a relatively low rate of growth, a new government analysis shows… Expert quote: “Consumers, particularly those with employer-sponsored coverage, are largely unaware of […]