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Experts: Megastorms could become norm

Boston Herald quoting Anthony Janetos, Pardee School of Global Studies “Megastorms such as Tropical Storm Harvey, which is expected to dump record-setting rainfall on parts of Texas over the next few days, will be increasingly common if the human factors fueling global warming aren’t addressed, climate change experts warn…” View full article.   

What if several of the world’s biggest food crops failed at the same time?

The Conversation by Anthony Janetos, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “Less than one-quarter of Earth’s total cropland produces nearly three-quarters of the staple crops that feed the world’s population – especially corn, wheat and rice, the most important cereal crops…” View full article.

Why Trump’s decision to leave Paris accord hurts the US and the world

The Conversation co-written by Anthony Janetos, Pardee School of Global Studies/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “The whole of the Paris Agreement is based upon goodwill: There are no punitive actions or means to enforce the agreement…” View full article.   

The White House calls climate change research a ‘waste.’ Actually, it’s required by law

Washington Post Anthony Janetos, Pardee School/ College and Graduate School of Arts and Science “The day that President Trump’s climate science-slashing budget landed last week, his government held a public meeting here to prepare the nation’s Southeast region for rising seas, wildfires, extreme downpours and other impacts of climate change.” Expert quote: “They’re trying to be […]

Scientists tease out climate change’s role in Zika spread

Daily Bee Anthony Janetos, College of Arts & Sciences Athletes and tourists converging on Brazil this week are crowding into a country where rapid environmental change and natural weather fluctuations nurtured a viral epidemic that has gone global… Expert quote: “If they’d been able to show that the same patterns occurred in other outbreak regions, […]

Obama Turns to Web To Illustrate the Effects Of a Changing Climate

New York Times Anthony Janetos, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future President Obama wants Americans to see how climate change could deluge or destroy their own backyards — and to make it as easy as opening a web-based app… Expert quote: “With respect to some aspects of the […]