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Theo Epstein, Curse Killer: How Chicago Cubs Exec’s ‘Moneyball’ Approach Sparked NLCS Run

International Business Times Andy Andres, College of General Studies Theo Epstein, architect of a ragtag group of young Chicago Cubs sluggers and resurgent veterans, has affirmed his reputation as baseball’s resident curse killer — regardless of whether the Cubs overcome their 3-0 deficit against the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series… Expert quote: […]

Bud Selig Retirement: MLB’s Competitive Balance Is Key To Commissioner’s Legacy, But Financial System Remains Imperfect

International Business Times Andy Andres, College of General Studies In July, Bud Selig identified the parity fostered by Major League Baseball’s economic reforms as the defining legacy of his stint as league commissioner… Expert quote: “What if the Yankees had no penalties at all and could really spend what they could? They’d buy everybody and […]

Why Peyton Manning’s TD Record Isn’t The Best Measure Of His Hall Of Fame Career

International Business Times Andy Andres, College of General Studies From a purist’s perspective, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s record-setting 510 touchdown passes are skewed by the fact that he played his entire career in an era of unprecedented success for passing offenses throughout the NFL… Expert quote: “I think when you look at that total career touchdown pass […]

Chat About Baseball Sabermetrics with Professor Andy Andres on Thursday at 11 a.m Andy Andres, College of General Studies Interested in learning more about baseball analytics? Here’s your chance. Boston University professor Andy Andres, who just launched a free online course on entitled: Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics, will chat with readers Thursday, June 5 at 11 a.m… View full article featuring expert Andy Andres

The baseball employment revolution: Why thousands have signed up for a free online course

Yahoo! Sports Andy Andres, College of General Studies Over the past month, since registration opened for the free online course Sabermetrics 101, a 13,464-person army of the curious, the dreamers, the scholarly and all other kinds signed up and turned a clever idea into a rousing success. The course launched Thursday morning. Nerdery went massively mainstream. […]

Baseball Analytics Course through BU & EdX Allows Anyone to Learn Sabermetrics

BostInno Andy Andres, College of General Studies This spring, baseball analytics professor Andy Andres will teach Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics through Boston University and the online learning platform, EdX… Expert quote: “Throughout the years I’ve been teaching [the course] in a small format, I always got emails – whenever there was publicity about the class – […]

Local Stats Professors Share Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Your March Madness Bracket

BostInno Andy Andres, College of General Studies If simply staring at the official March Madness bracket has you breaking into a cold sweat — we get it. Hell, $1 billion is on the line, as is that 30-rack of Bud Light you promised your buddy if you lost and, more importantly, your dignity. Making an accurate bracketology prediction is […]