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How the Government Could Punish That Hedge Fund Bro Who Wanted to Raise a Drug’s Price 5,000 Percent

Slate Alan Sager, School of Public Health This week, the prize for most-hated man in America goes to Martin Shkreli, the rap-lyric-spouting former hedge funder who has found a potentially lucrative and socially useless niche in the business world by buying up the rights to old pharmaceuticals that treat rare diseases, then radically raising their […]

Third time’s a charm? How a Beth Israel, Lahey merger might finally happen

Boston Business Journal Alan Sager, School of Public Health Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Lahey Healthare back in merger discussions, but will this time be any different?… Expert quote: “Other hospitals feel, with great justification, discriminated against because they lack the leverage to get higher prices from insurers.” View full article

Court Saves Obamacare’s Bacon

MedPage Today Alan Sager, School of Public Health The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 Thursday that people who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) federally run insurance exchange can continue to receive subsidies to help pay their premiums… Expert quote: “Happily, the Supreme Court today voted 6-3 to obviate still more unnecessary waste. … […]