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One state’s opioid crisis sheds light on national health-care debate

Christian Science Monitor quoting Alan Sager, School of Public Health “As the chief medical officer at a downtown hospital, William Goodman has seen how opioid abuse can ravage a community…” Expert quote: “Slashing and burning Medicaid and saying the states will find the money is the most gargantuan case of buck-passing in the history of […]

Health care: vote delayed, but calls to address costs keep growing

Christian Science Monitor quoting Alan Sager, School of Public Health “Senate Republicans have been forced into postponing major health care legislation in the United States Senate, and the backdrop is partly the difficult economics of health care: Costs for average Americans are high and rising, and the Senate legislation so far doesn’t appear to offer […]

7 Things That Will Happen If 14 Million More People Are Uninsured Next Year

Huffington Post quoting Alan Sager, School of Public Health “Next year, about 14 million more Americans could be uninsured if the House-passed version of health care becomes law, according to the Congressional Budget Office analysis, a more pressing issue than the estimated 23 million expected to be affected by 2026…” Expert quote: “The revenue cuts […]

Scott MacKay Commentary: Be Wary Of The Care New England-Boston Partners Hospital Merger

Rhode Island Public Radio  Alan Sagar, School of Public Health  “Boston’s big hospital system –Partners HealthCare—hopes to acquire Care New England, Rhode Island’s second largest hospital chain…” Expert quote: “At this point, it’s difficult to see how this deal advances those goals, says Boston University School of Public Health Professor Alan Sager.” View full article. 

Hospital fees under scrutiny

Citizens’ Voice Alan Sager, School of Public Health The two visits Jack Mills made to an orthopedic surgeon’s offices in Pittston and Bethlehem last year were virtually identical… Expert quote: “At a time of soaring out-of-pocket fees … the added burden of facility fees kicks Americans while they are down. Patients are made to pay […]