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Gene circuits in live cells can perform complex computations

Electronics News Ahmad Khalil, College of Engineering Living cells are capable of performing complex computations on the environmental signals they encounter… Expert quote: “Developing these foundational tools and computational primitives is important as researchers try to build additional layers of sophistication for precisely controlling how cells interact with their environment.” View full article

DNA tape recorder stores a cell’s memories

Science Magazine Ahmad Khalil, College of Engineering If cells could talk, they’d have quite a story to tell: Their life history would include what molecules they’d seen passing by, which signals they’d sent to neighbors, and how they’d grown and changed… Expert quote: “They’ve done a really exceptional job turning DNA into readable, writable memory […]

Bacteria Could Grow Futuristic ‘Self-Healing’ Materials

LiveScience Ahmad Khalil, College of Engineering Why bother to manufacture materials if you can grow them organically? Researchers have produced “living” materials by nudging bacteria to grow biological films. In turn, this process could lead to the development of more complex and interactive structures programmed to self-assemble into specific patterns,… Expert quote: “This work presents, to […]