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Obama Battered by Healthcare, Shutdown, Surveillance Scandals

Newsmax Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication From Obamacare to sequestration to Iran to the 16-day government shutdown that cost American taxpayers $1.4 billion, 2013 marked the year of the scandal — domestically and internationally — for President Barack Obama… Expert quote: “That affects everybody — and healthcare and a family’s health, along with their economic […]

New Tests for Brain Trauma Create Hope, and Skepticism

New York Times Robert Stern, School of Medicine, Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy Revelations in recent years that thousands of former football players might have severe brain trauma from injuries sustained on the field have set off a rush in the medical community to seize the potentially lucrative market for assessing brain damage… […]

BMC doctors: SNAP cuts will harm children

WCVB Megan Sandel, School of Medicine, School of Public Health Millions of Americans now face feeding their families on less than $1.40 per meal since since November’s cuts to the federal food stamp program, officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP… Expert quote: “For many families, that translated to 30 meals a month less […]

Common Knee Surgery Does Very Little for Some, Study Suggests

New York Times David Felson, School of Medicine A popular surgical procedure worked no better than fake operations in helping people with one type of common knee problem, suggesting that thousands of people may be undergoing unnecessary surgery, a new study in The New England Journal of Medicine reports… Expert quote: “Those who do research have been […]