Author: Jo Breiner

Bilingual education back on ballot 18 years after voters rejected it

Sacramento Bee Christine Rossell, College of Arts & Sciences Growing up the son of Mexican immigrant parents in Los Angeles, Ricardo Lara took pride in being bilingual. But it was also a means of survival… Expert quote: “Bilingual education is not evil. It’s just the least effective approach. So the question is how much choice […]

Deforestation in New England is rising thanks to land development

Environmental Research Web Pontus Olofsson, College of Arts & Sciences Say “deforestation” and most of us think of the vast tracts of tropical rainforest being cleared for pasture in the Amazon, or logged for paper production in Indonesia… Expert quote: “In this case it’s almost exclusively driven by residential and commercial development. As affluence and […]

White House releases drone policy playbook: A model for the world?

Christian Science Monitor Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences For the first time, the United States released its “playbook” for using drones to kill terrorists abroad… Expert quote: “In a way it doesn’t make much difference that they might lay out their internal criteria for targeted killing. It’s the fact that they’re targeted killing […]

Trump, Clinton take different approaches to attack ads in social media age

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication As of August 1, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and super PAC Priorities USA have reserved $98 million in TV airtime this fall, including more than $20 million in Florida alone, according to NBC News… Expert quote: “I think television is still preferable because advertising tends to work the […]