Author: Jo Breiner

With Britain’s exit from the European Union, France sees an opening

Washington Post Vivien Schmidt, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies When British voters shocked the world by choosing to leave the European Union, they presented the French political establishment with an unexpected prospect: making Europe French again… Expert quote: “Basically, it’s no longer the French leading. It’s a set of policies […]

Tennessee education collaborative shows need for diverse teachers

The Tennessean Travis Bristol, School of Education As the Tennessee State Board of Education continues to look at boosting the recruitment of a diverse teacher workforce, it also seeks to bolster efforts by statewide groups working to better target diverse teaching candidates… Expert quote: “In quantitative and qualitative data, it shows there is an added value (to having a diverse […]

Lack of data on gun violence is an embarrassment, researchers say

Dallas Morning News Sandro Galea, School of Public Health Public health research has helped the United States slash smoking rates, tackle the AIDS epidemic and reduce deaths from car accidents to some of their lowest levels in recorded history… Expert quote: “In any society, you’re going to have people who are interested in doing harm […]

To Combat Terrorism, Tackle Mental Illness

New York Times (subscription required) By Liah Greenfeld, College of Arts & Sciences The comment of the French prime minister can be interpreted as recognition that terrible events such as the mass killing in Nice Thursday night are a sign of a very long-term problem, which is unlikely to be speedily resolved… View full article […]