Post-Incognito, Dolphins return to gridiron: What will Monday Night Football prove?

v_NaylorChristian Science Monitor
Adam Naylor, School of Education

What many might have expected to be a humdrum Monday Night Football broadcast between two struggling NFL squads – the Dolphins (4-4) and the Buccaneers (0-8) – has now become a high-stakes, can’t-miss game after last week’s Richie Incognito bullying imbroglio in Miami that led to the loss of two key QB protectors…

Expert quote:

“The challenge now is to deal with the overarching culture and strengthening locker rooms and leadership in locker rooms. The problem for teams is to find the line between tough and aggressive and divisive and bullying. Some coaches are great at putting their foot down, others turn a blind eye a little bit. We all mean good, but sometimes we don’t end up doing good.”

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