Uncertainty reigns in volatile Egypt

elbaz11-150x150Boston Herald
Farouk El-Baz, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Remote Sensing

Confusion surrounding the new government in Egypt grew last night as the interim president Adly Mansour first said Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mohamed ElBaradei had been named as interim prime minister, then backtracked saying consultations were continuing…

Expert quote:

“If (ElBaradei) comes out to say we all are for Egypt and we are going to accept everybody’s opinions and involve all the parties, I think it will be very difficult to oppose him. But I think it’s very important to calm the fears of the Muslim Brotherhood that they will be eliminated. He should say this government is going to be all inclusive and we are not going to kick anybody out … If they see the country getting back to normal and things quiet down, they’ll have no other choice.”

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