Advocates: Student athletes need bill of rights

Chris-Nowinski-6215-e1311362117245Associated Press
Chris Nowinski, School of Medicine, Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy

Student athletes need access to health care professionals, better-trained coaches and up-to-date equipment, a coalition of groups recommended Wednesday in a call to action aimed at protecting the nearly 8 million students participating in high school sports each year…

Expert quote:

“We need to try harder to protect these student athletes. Think about this: You get an injury in the NFL, you have two guys at your side right away. We do not provide a single professional medical person to half of high schools. … Every time we don’t have an athletic trainer, we’re leaving 80 percent of concussions on the field. The number one place where we’re failing them is we aren’t getting them off the field.”

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