Boston University School of Visual Arts presents the Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series: Dana Schutz

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(Boston) – The Boston University School of Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts is pleased to present American painter Dana Schutz as the first visiting artist in the third season of the Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series on Monday, November 3 at the CFA Concert Hall. The lecture series seeks to offer students the opportunity to work in both lecture and studio settings with artists who offer diverse and multicultural perspectives. The lecture is free and open to the public.

School of Visual Arts Director Lynne Allen explains, “Dana Schutz has said that she believes the artist is ‘author, inventor, magician, scientist and divine power.’ As a young painter, she places her work within self-imposed codes—landscape, turning into still life, and populated with a bizarre cast of characters—she tells stories that tease us while deftly handling her craft.” She continues, “The opportunity to identify with a young painter is invaluable for any young painter in art school today.”

Dana Schutz is known for her vibrant, large-scale paintings, collected by many major museums, combine the possible with the imaginative, creating a painterly space that converges abstraction and representation, evoking an intimate atmosphere around the subject itself that is at once humorous and grotesque. Schutz appears as part of the Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series (CPLS) which, in its first two seasons, featured such artists as installation artist Sandy Skoglund, sculptor Ledelle Moe, and art critic Peter Schjeldahl. CPLS events regularly draw large audiences from within Boston University as well as other visual arts programs in the Greater Boston area.


Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series: Dana Schutz
Monday, November 3, 6:30pm

CFA Concert Hall
855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
T Green Line, B train, BU West stop

Lecture is free and open to the public


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